Lent, Day 3: Casting Nets

Today’s reading: Mark 1:14-20

what am I fishing for?

yes, please,
stroke my ego
fill my empty spaces
with affirmation

gold stars:
show the world,
whatever they may think of me,
that I am good

lengthen the line
of letters after my name
(as if my name alone
does not say who I am)

and please
don’t let
the net


for my own purposes, perhaps.
for friendship (God does know I need them,
every where we go).
for support when I stumble.
for shelter in the storm.
for sharing staggering loads
and wild laughter.
for comfort in the dark.

but fishing for people,
for God?

because there’s good news that has me bursting
at the seams to share?

because there’s an eternity of love waiting
to gather us in?

because time and tide roll on, roll on,
and the kingdom is in our sights?

you’ve called me away from my own nets.
give me the strength
to cast my life with

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