Lent, Day 4: Good Sabbath.

Today’s reading: Mark 1:21-34

it is the holy day
set apart for rest
day of worship
day of community
day of hearts lifted in prayer
day of minds lifted in study

it is the holy day
consecrated by God at creation
day of praise
day of devotion
day of testimony
day of confession

til the praise was punctuated
by the voice of the enemy
(what was he even doing there?
and why did he speak out?)
the devotions of the day
disturbed by his contempt
the testimony of the faithful
overshadowed by his mockery
the confession of his lips
ringing with challenge, not with faith

but it is the holy day
day of cleansing:
and the voice of the Holy One
lifted to cast out the adversary,
to purify the captive spirit,
to disinfect the Father’s house

and it is the holy day
day of healing:
so bring your weak, your broken,
your sick and sore,
and see them made well, and whole,
and free from the fiend’s command

for it is the holy day
the good Sabbath
for you

One thought on “Lent, Day 4: Good Sabbath.

  1. Your writings continually amaze me. What a gift and a blessing. thanks for sharing. What a wonderful Lenten discipline that blesses others. Only wish that we could be with our community of faith this morning, but too much ice/sleet/snow coming down. Much love – Jennifer


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