Lent, Day 11: For there were many.

If you’re still around and reading along, I apologize for being MIA these past several days. Our computer is having problems again–I’ve been unable to email or blog since Tuesday and am finally getting caught up. This has thrown a kink into my whole Lenten discipline–apparently I am useless at being disciplined when things are thrown out of whack (which doesn’t say much for me, considering part of the point of disciplines is to be something stable when things are crazy, as some things always are!). I have a lot of work to do to get back into my routines, computer-related and otherwise.

I’ve decided to pick up where I left off on the daily readings, instead of skipping ahead to ‘catch up’ with the correct day on my list. Over the coming weeks I may consolidate readings or temporarily jump over some, in order to be in the right place for Holy Week.

Thanks for hanging in with me.

Today’s reading: Mark 2:13-17

for there were many
who followed him
(much to our surprise,
those of us regular
attenders, hard at work
keeping our pews warm,
mumbling along all the right words
and following all the
stage directions,
while they were busy with their taxes
and their multitude of sins)

for there were many
who followed him
(where we declined to go:
to dinner with the bad guys,
to doctor up the unclean)

for there were many
who followed him
(because, perhaps,
no one else would guide
their way)

for there were many
who followed him
(because, after all, they were the ones
he came
to call)

for there were many
(let it be us, God,
let it be us)
who followed him
(and we will,
we will)

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