Lent, Day 18: Why are you afraid?

Today’s reading: Mark 4:35-41

it is nightfall
the crowd is left behind
and we’re together
with him

he’s trusting our know-how
(we’re professionals, after all,
and we know these seas and
this sturdy craft)
he’s so trusting, in fact,
he’s let the rolling waves
lull him to sleep

(surely it is us
he trusts?)

but the wind blows (as it will)
and the waters crash
and the waves smother us
we are

(so we wake him with our entreaties;
then we rebuke him for his nonchalance)

but at a word from his lips
the sky clears
the sea calms
and at a word from his lips
we, too, are humbled
(our storm, too, is hushed)

in the dark,
in the gale,
in the crashing waves, yes,
we were afraid
and did not try to disguise our terror–
but did we have such little faith?
for after all,
we turned to him
turned to the author and perfecter of faith
laid our fears at his feet
like fresh-caught fish
and asked for his blessing

(and our eyes were opened:
and we knew what he had done
and we knew who he was
and we knew we too would obey him,
and once again, perhaps more rightly this time,
we were

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