Lent, Day 25: Prayer.

Today’s reading: Mark 7:1-23

God, grant me courage
to stand up against my culture
when its version of success,
of value,
of holiness,
of wholeness
is shaped by its own

God, grant me strength
to stand up for those
who are mocked,
or silenced
for their refusal
or inability
to live up to society’s
impossible standards.

God, grant me wisdom
to understand your teachings.
Help me to distinguish
truth from vanity,
honor from hypocrisy,
life from legalism,
clean from unclean.

One thought on “Lent, Day 25: Prayer.

  1. My Dear, you have described the efforts and desire of what is called, The Church Militant. It's a tough fight, but at least we have the Holy Spirit & St. Michael, the Archangel to help with the fight. 🙂


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