Lent, Day 36: Being a child.

Today’s reading: Mark 10:13-16

(Apologies for the out-of-order scripture! I was wondering why there are more days left in this week than there are passages left in chapter 10; turns out I was in such a hurry to get to the Rich Young Man that I totally neglected the Little Children. Seems ironic. Anyway, I’ll be back on track tomorrow!)

This is what it is to be a child of God:

It is to be carried in the arms of your parents to the lap of Jesus.

It is to be covered with the grime of daily life; to have frogs in your pockets, to be blowing a bubble, to be grass-stained and lollipop-sticky.

It is to have his hand placed on your head, to let him rumple your hair or wipe dirt off your cheek. It is to receive his touch.

It is to hear his blessing spoken over you. It is to hear your name on his lips.

And it is to be rebuked by those who expect you to be “seen and not heard.”

But it is to be welcomed, in spite of the naysayers. It is to be unhindered: to jump to the front of the line, to have the crowds stand aside for you. It is to see his arms spread wide open, beckoning you, making space for you.

It is to bring your simple self, with no pretense–fumbling, learning, trying again and again to get it right, playing, falling down and getting back up, coloring outside the lines, growing up without even realizing it.

And it is to be given the keys to the Kingdom.

thank you
for always making room,
for accepting the children
that we are.

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