Day 2: Water

Today’s reading: Genesis 1:6-10

I don’t remember a whole lot of stuff I learned in high school, but periodically (randomly), tidbits of information surface (it often happens when we’re watching Jeopardy, which is a pleasant boost to my self-esteem). One such tidbit is a nugget of literary wisdom, something to keep in mind no matter what you’re reading: water is a universal symbol for life. For obvious reasons, it’s a birth image, and a rebirth image (the Jewish mikvah, the Christian baptism). Water flows, it cycles, it moves.
It moves.
I’ve often heard the conventional wisdom that our bodies are designed for motion (she said, sitting behind her computer screen… hehe…). But not only our bodies, but our world, it seems, was designed to move. From the earliest days, cycles of light and dark shaping our measurement of time. Collections of water continuously cycling through condensation, flowing from one end of the globe to the other.
Life is not meant to sit still. Life changes. Life flows.
And–for those of us inclined to hide under cover of excuses–life doesn’t give up and plop down on the sofa with a bag of potato chips when there are rocks in the way, or when a drought devastates, or when the earth itself shakes and changes its landscape and our course.
Water finds a way to move. Life finds a way to move.
And so must we.

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