Advent, Day 5: A prayer, in time

“You who live in eternity,
hear the prayers of those of us who live in time…”
Rich Mullins

Is it easy to be timeless,

To have no need to look back
or to strain forward?
To be fully present in this
and every

It is easy to be timeless,
when every memory
is happening now,
and every dream
is always true?
Is it easy to experience
(not just to know
but to Be)
everything that was,
that is,
that is to come?

It is easy to summon tears
for the past,
when the past is still
a part of Your today?
Is it easy to quell the fears
for the future,
when the future holds no questions,
only answers?

Is it easy to make space
within your Self
to gather all remembrance,
all presence,
all expectation in one single

Timeless God,
we trust all our time
to You.
Grant us gratitude for what has been.
Grant us bright hope for what awaits.
Grant us grace,
for now.


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