Advent, Day 6: Behold, He comes

Behold, He comes,
riding on the clouds,
shining like the sun
at the trumpet call!
Lift your voice,
it’s the year of jubilee!
Out of Zion’s hill
salvation comes!

(“Days of Elijah,” lyrics by Donnie McClurkin. Hear the song on YouTube: HERE)

Thinking about the readings of this week, I couldn’t help but remember this song. The prophet, the Psalmist, the Gospel writer, and the Epistle writer were all meditating on Messiah… the day that is to come, when Messiah’s arrival will herald the in-breaking of God’s eternal Kingdom. They were experiencing Advent, as we are today–a time of waiting, of preparation, of expectation.

This art journal page is my attempt to give a “visual” representation of some of the ideas from the scriptures this week…. the rising sun, the unknown hour.
It is my prayer that the “hope” of this first week of Advent will permeate our lives, and that we will embody that promised Kingdom, even as we await its arrival.

Digital art journal page includes supplies by SherrieJD (background page), Britt-ish Designs (burst background), Erica Zane (yellow circles), WM[squared] Designs (large clock face), Gina Marie Huff (stamped clocks), Michelle Coleman (stamped alpha), Jen Yurko (small brad)
Map of ancient Israel from the Duke University Library online
(FYI the clock’s center is on Bethlehem 🙂 )

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