Advent, Day 8: The Tale of Two Trees

Today’s reading: Isaiah 11:1-10

in the beginning
the Tree
was a temptation
(come, eat, here’s
a feast of knowledge
meant for you,
woman, man.
be fed and never
again crave wisdom.
you know you want to.)
the deception of knowledge
for its own sake,
for the cultivation of power,
for the accumulation of self-worth,
for the effortless garnering of God-ness
that fruit was bitter:
the Creator heartbroken,
firm, and kind
as a parent:
after the judgment,
the consolation
(clothes for warmth,
a growing family)
and after comfort,
a second Tree to come
a Tree sprung from the dried-up stump
a fruit-bearing Branch from the deadwood
whose nourishment is ripe for harvest,
inviting all to partake:
promising knowledge, yes,
but instead of the tempter’s lure to be God,
this Spirit nourishes with the knowledge
of God:
the wisdom of justice
(blind to the glitter of wealth,
deaf to the whine of self-importance)
the power of righteousness
(the Word of counsel shaping earth’s form
even as it did in the first days)
the community of peace
(no harm, no destruction in this
sacred story)
two Trees
still today.
one tale that is ours.
a once upon a time
we walk within every day:
a paradise setting, a promising plot,
an omnicient Narrator,
an epic failure.
a happily ever after
we choose, time and again,
to believe in.
may it come soon.

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