Advent, Day 21: What did you go out to see?

Today’s reading: Matthew 11:2-11

What did you go out to see?
Was it the Santa in the streets,
his red hat bobbing and bells jingling,
velvet bag bursting with gifts
for all the good little children?
Was it the parade floating by,
mammoth balloons flying,
marching bands oom-pah-ing,
celebrities beaming?
Was it the lights glittering,
shapes of trees and snowflakes,
elves, Frosty? Was it the electric
twinkle that summoned you?
Was it the “sale” signs
singing their can’t-live-without
bargains, their yes-you-can-too-buy-love
Or were you drawn out from your cozy home
by the prophet, crying out the word of redemption?
From the wilderness
of stores and songs and Saint Nicks,
the messenger is still
sent to prepare the Child’s way; if we listen,
we can still hear his voice above the crowds and
carols, calling out the faithful
to ready their hearts for the coming King:
the sight-giver,
the walk-maker,
the sore-healer,
the sound-restorer,
the gospel-preacher.
What will you go out to see?

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