Blog Reconstruction!

Dear readers, it’s time for an update!

I’ve been thinking a lot about what to do with myself once I have two kids in schools (at least a couple days a week) this fall… and after I stop partying (ha!) I want to commit myself to more “vocational” writing and blogging; taking this medium (and my sense of calling to it) more seriously.

To that end, I am planning a blog reorganization. I will continue to have two blogs, but the new one ( will be focused specifically on scripture-based devotionals and reflections… the content you’ve been finding here for the past few Advent and Lenten seasons. My hope and intent is to blog the liturgical seasons throughout the year, rather than only the two “biggies.” Please visit the brand-new blog, The Ordinary Times, and become a follower there if you’d like to continue to read my reflections (starting new this fall). There is an option there (as well as here) to “follow by email.”

This blog, One Faithful Step, will stay active, but will become the home for my crafting, cooking, and other “everyday journeys.” You are more than welcome to continue to follow One Faithful Step if you’d like to see scrapbook layouts and hybrid projects, knitting, recipes, and other “daily” things. The blog that has been my “second” for the past months, Be Gifted Scraps, will be going away, and all scrapbooky posts will live here at One Faithful Step.

My hope is that this reorganization will help me to be a more active blogger on more focused blogs, and to be sure that each will be full of content that reflects its purpose. Thanks for following and reading along… I hope to see you here or at The Ordinary Times in the near future! Blessings!

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