For You Called Me : Mother (week 1, part 2)

Today’s reading: Exodus 2:1-10

one gave him life,
delivered him into a world
where deliverance was only a dream.
she wept with gratitude to the
whose lies saved him, and
with agony over his boy-ness:
his doom.

with all her heart and hope
she swaddled him in the basket,
set it afloat.

with all her heart and hope
one watched. waited.
followed along the way.


one gave him a new life.
plucked him from a watery journey
and placed him in a world of power.
she heard him weeping for his
whose daring saved him.
she called someone to care for him:
a nurse, she thought.
an anonymous breast to nourish him
anonymous arms to hold him
anonymous voice to sing him lullabyes
(his peoples’ songs)
with all her heart and hope

. . . . . . . . .

What do I have to learn these three women: Moses’ mother, his sister Miriam, and the Pharaoh’s daughter? To put my “babies” in the basket, let them go with tears and prayers… and then be close at hand when the time comes to care for them? To be watchful; to anticipate needs and offer up intuitive solutions? To look in the basket that has washed ashore at my feet; to act on the need that is right in front of me?

To put my heart and hope into this life, trusting its promise for the future?


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