Advent, Day 10: A Prayer for Peace

Taking a little break from regularly scheduled programming; on Tuesdays a group of women at our church are meeting to share the Advent journey together, discussing the history, themes, and daily experiences of the season. Today (and every Tuesday) I’ll use the blog post to share the prayer that we use in our group. Tomorrow I’ll return to scripture reflections, but it’s my hope these weekly prayers may help you to focus on the Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love of the season. Blessings!


God of Friendship,
in a world where war is the story of each day,
peace can be hard to find.
Give us eyes to see expressions of unity between factions,
of respect for the other,
of accord where there has been strife.
God of Comfort,
in our lives we have troubles,
and we bear one another’s sorrows.
Give us ears to hear your whispers of calm above our cries,
of serenity within the stress,
of wisdom for the way.
God of Stillness,
we are blinded by the flashing lights of life,
deafened by its constant clamor.
Give us hearts that radiate your tranquility,
your gentle silence,
your created order.
God of Peace,
gather our yearning for peace in to Your heart
as we await Your coming day.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

God of Peace,
kindle Your fire in us.
As we walk the Advent journey
keep our gaze focused on the Flame of Peace
and guide us by Your Perfect Light.

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