Advent, Day 21: When joy speaks

Today’s reading: John 1:19-28

I am the voice of one crying out in the wilderness… (v. 23a)

give us clear voices.
Help us understand who we are
and who we are not.
Make us transparent
so others may see
You shining through us–
even in our brokenness.

give us firm voices.
Help us confess who You are
and where You summon.
Make us trustworthy
so others may know
You work with us–
even in our humanness.

give us steady voices.
Help us convey who You are
and how You love.
Make us tender
so others may feel
Your abundant heart–
even in our awkwardness.

give us glad voices!

Help us boldly proclaim who You are:
Light, Grace, Messiah!
Make us exuberant
so others may join with
Your Advent people–
even in our joyfulness!

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