Advent, Day 23: True love always

Today’s reading: Psalm 89:1-4

I declare that your steadfast love is established forever… You said, “… I will establish your descendants forever, and build your throne for all generations.” (vv. 2a and 4)

there’s no clock
to measure
the days of Love:
as if minutes and hours
could contain
generations of faithfulness,
or ticking hands
mark moments
of delight

there’s no calendar
to count
the lifespan of Love:
as if the days or months
in their boxes
could contain
all the descendants of faith
among the appointments
and the lists

there’s no timeline
to mark
the history of Love:
as if a chart
(no matter how carefully drawn)
could contain
the countless grains of sand,
sea of stars,
songs of praise


You raised up a
family tree
(no mechanism, no daytimer, no detailed graph
could contain)
roots as deep as oceans
branches high as mountains
leaves unfurling to soak in the Light,
the True Love, always:
world without end

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