Advent, Day 26: Love is…

Today’s reading: Romans 16:25-27

Does anyone remember the overly-cutesy little cartoons of chubby little people acting out “Love is…”? (One of my favorites was a London Underground poster we used to see, encouraging people toward proper tube etiquette: “Love is… standing on the right side of the escalator.”)

Though this little text in Romans doesn’t say the word “love,” it seems to me to speak volumes about what God’s love is, and what our love for God also is.

God’s love is… strength, communicated through the good news of Christ.

God’s love is… revelation, as we come to understand God more fully.

God’s love is… disclosure, a message we are all invited to hear.

God’s love is… presence, being With Us.

Maybe it’s equally interesting to consider what God’s love is not: cowering, hidden, elitist, distant. Relationships can’t grow when one partner holds back, stays silent, remains distant–and God does not, always offering an engaged, abundant love to all of us.

May we respond by loving God, too, in a hands-on way: in faithful obedience, so that we too can be strong, can reveal our true selves, can be transparent, and can be fully here.

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