Exciting news and good intentions!

The announcement went out this morning–I’m now part of the amazing team of Hybrid Chicks at The Digi Chick site! I have had a blast coming up with digital + paper projects for the WM[squared] Designs team for the past several months, and am really excited to add The Hybrid Chick to my creative work. THC focuses on teaching hybrid techniques as well as showing off awesome projects, and I’m really excited to have the opportunity to contribute there!

And, as a bonus, I am feeling very motivated to amp up this blog… since the announcement on The Digi Chick forum included a link to this little corner of the web!! 🙂 So if you’ve popped over here from TDC, welcome! And I hereby promise (or at least have every good intention toward) a more active blog with lots of hybrid and other scrappy and crafty goodness!
Just a couple other notes for now:
*The prayer kneeler (see older posts) I worked so diligently on for so long is still in the garage in a very sad state. I had lots of optimism when I put a coat of stain on it…. and all the stain did was highlight the scratches and divots and bumps in the wood. I’ve rethought my plans and am going to go a different direction with it—based on this fabulous chair makeover at CentsationalGirl. I’m even considering twine-wrapping the cross… though that might be a bit much. Meantime, it’s back to the paint stripper and power sander!!
*Lent is around the corner (I know, it’s super exciting, I’ll try to contain myself 😉 ). I will be blogging daily at The Ordinary Times beginning February 22. I am planning to do a rather, um, extensive nutritional overhaul during Lent, and I am also scheduled to lead a devotional series at church once a week, so my plan for the blog is to do “40 Days of Prayers” during Lent—to keep it doable (and also because I may need all the prayer I can get to get through my diet cleanse!). Don’t worry, though, I don’t intend to write prayers about food (or coffee, *sigh*) every day! There will still be scripture references, and prayers based on the Bible. If you’d like to pray the days of Lent with me, please come on over to The Ordinary Times and bookmark it, follow me, or add your email address to receive new posts in your inbox.

*I made two resolutions this New Years, and have actually been somewhat successful so far at keeping up with both of them… and my other “good intention” is to blog a bit about them. So if you’re interested in cooking (and getting off the same-old-meals merry-go-round) or fashion (and defrumping a mumsy wardrobe), stay tuned!

Have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll be back soon! (At least sooner than 3 months’ time! I promise!)

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