Prayers for a Whole Life : Day 8

a prayer for promises
Genesis 9:8-17

I was reminded this week that you, God, gave your promise to Noah with no expectations or conditions. When you set the rainbow in the sky, covenanted never again to destroy the earth, it wasn’t an agreement, where both you and your people had set-upon roles to fulfill… your “bow in the sky” signified a promise that was yours alone. You gave it out of love (as you always do, give to us out of love); and though I’m sure you desire our good behavior, our caretaking of the earth and each other, you didn’t list footnotes of requirements for us to meet in order to deserve your gift of life.

Loving God, I need to learn to make vows like those. Instead of “I’ll do this if you’ll do that,” I need to look at the situations and relationships surrounding me, take responsibility for the choices I’ve made that I wish I could undo, and offer my love and live out my promises without demanding anything in return.

Help me to follow your way of covenant, as you gave it to Noah and to your preserved and renewed creation. Give me a heart that is tender enough to give without asking. Make me a committed fulfiller of the promises I make, giving not just my word, but my self–as you always do.

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