Prayers for a Whole Life : Day 25

a prayer for spring cleaning

I’m overwhelmed by the
clutter of every day life;
like my house,
my head and heart
are overstuffed with
stored-up stuff
“just in case”–
feelings I’m clutching close,
thoughts I should have discarded,
mistakes I need to forget,
discouraging words I should
never have listened to in the first place.

help me, O God, to open the windows
and let the fresh air of your Spirit
blow the dust away

help me not just to let go
of the clutter I’m clinging to,
but to choose to send it firmly away
once and for all

help me to make space–
to give myself room to breathe,
to clear new paths, new places to rest,
to rediscover the comfort
of being home
in this self

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