Prayers for a Whole Life : Day 26

a prayer for getting back to normal

It’s bittersweet, God.

We’ve adjusted–at last–
to the time change;
seen the spring evenings get longer
and the mornings darker.
I find myself missing autumn;
I love those cozy days and nights,
when the world seems to tuck in.
Make us ready for summer, God,
with its long days and bright nights.
Help us keep the schedules that
keep us well–the meals, the sleep–
even when the rest of the world
seems wide awake and at play.

We’ve also adjusted
to the easy days of spring break;
no need to be anywhere
at any particular time.
But tomorrow we go back
to our schoolday routines,
the demands of homework
and bus stops and lunchboxes.
Make us all good students, God,
ready to focus on the lessons of life.
Help us return with enthusiasm
to the schedules that
keep us learning and growing,
even while we await summer’s slow hours.

Teach us to treasure even the bitter,
and help us always to savor the sweet…

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