Prayers for a Whole Life : Day 39

a prayer as the journey changes

in about a week,
Lord, this season
of Lent will come to an end.
and around here
spring is on its way out–
the temperature is rising,
we’re breaking out
last summer’s shorts and tanks;
the pool will open soon.

I don’t feel ready for the change, God.
not sure I’m ready for
the freedom of resurrection,
or for the easy days of summer.
I kind of like the work, now.
I like the pilgrimage, feeling
as though I’m “on the way.”
not sure what happens
at this journey’s end.

when I reach the destination and
they ask me “why did you
walk this pilgrimage?”
I’m not sure I have an answer.
I know what I did along the way:
write, share, pray, lose some weight,
but why did I ever start out?
was it for religious reasons?
will my journey be certified at the end,
if I don’t know why I took it
in the beginning?

is the destination really
the end
at all?

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