Advent Day 2: The Promised Land

Today’s reading: Jeremiah 33:14-16

As travelers, we set our itineraries with anticipation. The promise of adventure awaits us… or the promise of reunion with distant family… or the promise of an oasis from the anxieties of daily life. We look ahead to destinations rich with new experiences, familiar faces, or places of rest.

When God sets the itinerary for the days to come, the journey’s end is a new land, and we can mark our maps with its name: “The Lord is our righteousness.” There, the promise of abiding justice awaits us… the promise of abundant goodness… the promise of impartial grace. We look ahead to a destination rich with experiences of love beyond comprehension, the familiar faces of the community of saints, and places of holy stillness.

The days are coming when the borders of that land of promise will be open to all who would venture there. We’re already on the way. With its promise in our hearts, we trust the creed of that land to direct our steps–spreading its justice, goodness, and grace as we go–and we follow its convictions like a guiding star leading us Home.

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