Advent Day 9: Being Prepared

Today’s reading: Malachi 3:1-4

We’re not the only ones journeying ever closer to the day of Arrival. The Lord journeys too, seeking out the prepared pathway leading to incarnation, to humanity, to us and to our descendants.

That path, though, is not just laid out for us (so we can walk alongside the Coming One), and is not just laid out by us (as we proclaim God’s messages of preparation to the world)… but the route for God’s Advent is laid out through us. The path God takes is in us.

The path is us.

We ourselves must be prepared to announce the birth of the Messiah, ready to declare the newborn reign of Peace. We must be prepared for the refinement God will undertake in us when he arrives, ready to burn away all that is not of value. We must be prepared for purification, ready to filter out all the harmful elements that clog our hearts.

We must be prepared—we must straighten the route, level the uneven ground, clear the underbrush through the pathways of our own lives—so the world can see God coming, even in us.

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