Advent Day 19: The Lord is near.

Today’s scripture: Philippians 4:4-7

The Lord is near. Do not worry about anything… (vv. 5b-6a)

If there was every any question, God,
let us hear the affirmation
and believe it with every fiber:
You are near.

We don’t have to feel it.
We don’t even have to understand it.
But in every step of our walk,
however far or fast we go,
however distant we may be
from home
from friends
from ourselves,
we are not alone, for
You are near.

We are hurt, O God.
We are angry.
We are afraid.
however hurt however angry however afraid
we may be,
we lift up our wounds
confess our fury
face our fears
and faithfully claim:
You are near.

Your nearness may not keep us from conflict,
but You will shape us into communities of grace.

Your nearness may not keep us from harm,
but You will throw comforting arms around us while we weep.
Your nearness may not keep us in this life,
but You will gather us in to Your Eternal Life.

We trust that
You are near…
now, Lord, keep us
near to You.

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