Feel-Good Friday: Saving Draft

I just hit Save Draft on a different Feel-Good Friday post. It’ll make its appearance next week. Because, to be honest, even though it was a post about some Good Things I’ve been up to… posting it didn’t feel good.

Today is Juneteenth, Freedom Day, and my social media feeds are full of celebration and challenge, co-mingled. That’s good stuff. Even (especially?) the challenge part. Because if we’re not being challenged, we’re not going anywhere worth celebrating.

And if there’s any overarching theme to A Moving Yarn, it’s that we are ALWAYS going SOMEWHERE. I don’t always like moving, but I dread being stuck in place.

Meanwhile, as I write this, across the street fire-truck and ambulance lights are flashing, and EMTs are at work. We don’t know the family across the street much at all, apart from the brief but friendly chat we had when the woman kindly brought us a box of cookies at Christmastime. Obviously one of us has not been a very good neighbor (hint: it’s not her). That doesn’t feel so good.

I’ve written about this realization before, and even as I write this, the cookie-lady’s husband is on a gurney being loaded into an ambulance, and I know I must do better. I’m offering up prayers for his health and for their family, even as I confess that I have not treated my neighbors with goodness. Prayer is good. But I’m not sure it’s good enough if it doesn’t turn into action.

Mr. Rogers, of course.

So, where’s the Feel Good part?

The best thing I’ve done today was click Save Draft.

It seems like a small thing, a nothing. But as soon as I did it I felt better (I want to say “good-er”). Clicking Save Draft meant setting aside something that didn’t matter much in order to turn attention to things that do. To freedom, both achieved and not-yet-achieved. To the call to prayer and the conviction to neighboring.

Saving Draft on a blog post means reprioritizing, realizing that something else needs to move up to the #1 spot.

I need to learn that lesson in life as well. And not just learn it, but practice it, test it out in the laboratory that is my household, my neighborhood.

I need to treat it as a spiritual discipline: the conscious act of restraint, of sometimes setting my plans–even my ideas, opinions, and emotions–on the back burner. Not out of fear, or false humility, or buckling under peer pressure, but because I’m slowly learning what really matters, and what goodness really means.

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