What I’m Learning Wednesday: How to Live With Questions

Well–I wish that were true.

I’m not sure how well I’m learning this lesson. You’ve heard of immersion language programs, where kids (or adults) learn Spanish or French by completely immersing in it, diving in so that they have to figure it out by DOING it because it’s the only option?

That’s what this is like. We’re all learning to live with questions–by immersion. Like it or not.

(I don’t.)

Even as we begin to settle the questions related to our upcoming move, more (and more important) questions are arising about new schools, new church, new community. What will our family life will look like in a new town where we can’t plug in?

Along with the rest of America, we’re wondering how to keep our kids safe, and how to support the teachers and staff who invest so much in them. Are we at the mercy of a system that is actively trying to cause harm?

Personally, I’m still asking (I always seem to be asking) what I’m supposed to be doing. What call am I hearing? How do I follow? What do I need to know–what do I need to create–to use my skills wisely and well in this unfamiliar place where so much is needed?

And the biggie, of course: What does a future look like if things stay this course, if there is further disruption to Life As We Know It?

Would that be all bad?

How can we contribute to bringing about good?

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