What I’m Learning Wednesday: How To Run

I have a love/hate history with running.


I have a hate/hate history with running. In junior high P.E. in 1980-something we had to run laps around the park across the street from the school. Being girls we wore green and white one-piece zip-up gym uniforms, which (Thanks Be To God) I do not have photos of. I hated everything about the experience. Not an understatement.

Six summers ago, at the ripe old age of almost-40, I gave running another shot. It did not go well.

Now at the riper, older age of almost-46, I’m trying again. And I won’t say I’m falling in love, but I’m at least falling out of hate–and that’s good enough for now.

Smarter, stronger, kinder.

I have a Thing about Big Bird.

I remember when we got our first color TV. At first I couldn’t see any difference–Big Bird looked just the same to me. I’d known all along my friend was yellow.

I became a Yellow Feather Fund supporter last year, and when the USPS celebrated Sesame Street’s 50th anniversary, I bought all the stamps. In the rug section at Ikea one day I happened to check Facebook and saw that Carroll Spinney had died. I sat down on a Swedish-named bench there among the rugs and cried.

So when I got an email about a virtual 5K fundraiser for Sesame Workshop, I couldn’t NOT try—again—to learn to run.

Today I ran (and walked, and ran and walked) my “race.” It was 6-something in the morning. Only a few “people in my neighborhood” were out, but we all waved and smiled as we passed each other at pandemically-safe distances.

Sesame Workshop is about helping kids grow to be “smarter, stronger, and kinder.” This almost-46-year-old kid, learning how to run, getting to be healthier, and waving at the neighbors, is still growing.

I like to listen to podcasts while I’m running/walking. Today I listened to this episode on “How We Got to ‘Sesame Street” from the Think podcast by KERA in Dallas.

There’s still time to participate in this year’s virtual fun run, and support my friend Bird. 💛

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