Feel-Good Friday: Raising the Level

I may need to rename “Feel-Good Friday” as “Feel Better Friday,” because lately feeling GOOD has been a challenge. I confess I’ve been “doomscrolling” (which I didn’t know was a real thing with a name until I saw this article in the NY Times). How do we balance the importance of knowing what’s going on in the world with the utter overwhelm of feeling helpless in the face of it?

This may not be the ideal starting place for a Feel-Good Friday post… but it’s also why FGF is so necessary. I may never see a glass as half-full, but I can commit to the spiritual discipline of adding water to it. What are the small things that can raise the level, even a little bit?

These little things.

“Little” does not necessarily mean inconsequential. Even things that seem pointless may help me to gain new energy, or a new perspective, and that does make a difference. When you just need to raise the level, every drop counts. So here’s my “little” list for this week. What’s on yours?

  • I’m wearing my “build” shirt from The Happy Givers. It may sound a bit preachy, but if it is, it’s the sermon I need to hear. When I wear it, I’m reminded.
  • I signed up for an online course on writing middle-grade novels. I hope to complete a draft before the Writing For Your Life children’s writing conference in September.
  • My last Christmas gift to myself arrived from Ireland: the final (Covid-interrupted) shipment of Carol Feller’s Celtic Knits Club. As soon as my tennis elbow heals, there’s a cabled sweater waiting to be knit.
  • Peach and blackberry season.
Pro tip: Put the fruit UNDER the cereal to keep your Shredded Wheat from getting soggy so fast.
  • The 1920s Radio Network. Especially when I catch the Jack Benny program (Fridays at 12:30, FYI), which even includes the original advertisements. Avoid it if you don’t want to hear all the personal and health benefits of smoking Lucky Strikes. 😱
  • Becoming a Summer Dress Person. Not that we go out much, but this spring I collected a few light, comfy, cool dresses to wear (that also make it look like I put Real Clothes on–bonus) thanks to ClothesMentor and ThredUp. #shopsecondhandfirst
  • Reaching the halfway point of my personal Goodreads reading challenge… only two books behind schedule. Confident I can catch up now that I “have to” read middle-grade fiction for research purposes. Thanks to the local used bookstore’s generous credits and my kid’s summer reading list I have a new shelf-full.
  • Learning more about the Enneagram (though I’m not enamored of it) led to a couple of realizations: 1) that I need to practice silence, especially inside my head, and 2) that I need to practice physicality–to get out of my head. Look for “What I’m Learning” posts about these coming soon; I tend to be a slow study in these areas.

And finally:

  • I made a new stole with a panel of soft fluff that reminds me of a Muppet. Sometimes the little things are really little. 😉

I hope your list of “little things” on this Feel-Good (Or At Least Better) Friday can help you raise the level in your own glass. Cheers.

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