Moving Monday: One Month Countdown

Time has a funny way of both dragging and flying at this stage of the moving game. We feel like we’re just hanging around and waiting, twiddling our thumbs… and at the same time the To Do list is mildly panic-inducing.

Yesterday I realized it is probably for everybody’s benefit that, in this Covid season, we are packing ourselves and the moving company people won’t have to spend a couple of days masked and wrapping our housefull of stuff in paper and boxes. We have plenty of time (we keep telling ourselves), so my husband fills a few boxes a day. Now our house feels half-timbered with cardboard. It’s starting to look like we’re moving next week, instead of a month from now.

What we have done.

It all got real yesterday when we boxed up my yarn stash! 😱 Pictures are now off the walls, bookshelves are now empty, and the yarn is now packed. If there’s a good side to this stage, it’s that by the time we finally move, we will be so. very. ready.

This isn’t the first time I’ve said this, and it won’t be the last: moving regularly makes you evaluate, over and over again, what your life will be like and what will you need and want in it. I believe this is a Good Thing!!

It cuts even closer in this final month, though. We’re asking ourselves what our life will be like not in the next 3-year phase but for the next 30 days. What do we need and want in it, for now? We can pack the pictures off the walls, sure. But not EVERY book, and not ALL the yarn. Not ALL the yoga props or ALL the board games or ALL the pots and pans. We will still be reading, weaving, stretching, playing, cooking…

So what we’re doing now, as the walls of boxes continue to build up around us, is to draw down. Find focus. Simplify. Prioritize. And as we do that with our stuff, we seem to do that with our energies and activity level too. We’re entering a period of living light.

What we have left (as yet) undone.

The overwhelming thing about the To Do list isn’t that any of it is hard stuff to do, but that there are so many things to remember to do: Cancel utilities and set up new ones. Make hotel reservations both here and there for the days in between houses. Arrange donation pickups and figure out if/when/how to sell anything that may be sell-able. Unenroll the kids from their schools here and submit registration info to the new district, including obtaining the required paperwork from doctors, dentists, and school-records keepers–all a slower process than usual thanks to the pandemic restrictions that keep us from dropping casually into offices to do paperwork.

There’s a lot that is (as yet) undone. I suspect because we’re experienced at this, we feel more stressed at this stage. We know exactly how much is left to do.

We get used to moving, we take it in stride… but the truth is, it never gets easier. The list never gets any simpler, and the goodbye-ing never feels any better. What changes is that we know it’ll all get done.

What changes is that we know we can do it.

What I’m doing now.

With all that in mind (constantly), I’m coasting.

I’m keeping expectations low. Maintaining habits, but not trying to break any records. Reminding myself to do the things that feel good (yoga, violin practice, making things!) without needing to see improvement.

I confess: I’m spending too much time scrolling social media, too little time in prayer. For the coming month especially, I need less doomscrolling and more devotion. I know any small shift in that balance will help, so I’ll try to lean heavier on the side of silence and Spirit.

Come to think of it, that’s a move I never stop making.

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