Feel-Good Friday: The 31st Day

If Fridays are for looking for the good in the past week, then the 31st of the month is a good day to look for the good in July 2020.

There’s plenty to complain about, to feel anxious and angry and upset and fearful and distracted. There’s a reason memes like these are trending:

I started this personal tradition (spiritual discipline) of Feel-Good Fridays to remind myself that Good Things Do Happen. But I also need FGF to self-correct my tendency to focus only on what I need to do more/better/differently. Already my brain is looking ahead to August and making a To Do M/B/D list. So I want to take a breath here, on the last day of July, and acknowledge….

… Good Things, July 2020 version.

  • Completed my Sesame Street 5K, and fundraised more than $200 for the Sesame Workshop (thanks friends!!💛).
  • Kept mostly consistent with running/walking three days/week.
  • Journaled 500 words almost every morning.
  • Wrote three blog posts/week every week.
  • Completed 8 chapters of my first middle-grade novel.
  • Caught up on my Goodreads reading challenge (28 of 50 books read). Created a middle-grade reading library for my self-education.
  • Reaffirmed my commitment to prayer and the practices of Benedict-ish-ness. Weathered a storm with my community. Made prayer beads.
  • Listed two stoles in the Etsy shop, and started making “Zoom” stoles/chaplain stoles, something I’ve meant to do for a long time.
  • Began to follow kidlit authors and illustrators, anti-racism teachers, and diverse crafters. Broadened the influences I’m listening to and learning from.
  • Got ready to move.

Ready to move.

That last one is the biggie, both in this phase of our life, and at the end of every month (and week, for that matter). That’s what all the Good Things add up to… readiness to take whatever the next steps are, whatever the next week and month brings. I need to bless the Good Things on their own terms, but I also need to see how valuable they are in setting me up to move forward.

As we end this week and this month, I hope you, too, are able to count a few Good Things, and see how they’ve helped you get ready for what’s ahead. We have far to go.

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