Feel-Good Friday: Forward Movement (and Cake)

I must admit, when I started this three-themes-a-week blog plan I never thought that Feel-Good Friday would be the most difficult day of the week.

I don’t know if that’s a reflection on Covid life, or if it means I need to adjust my attitude. Probably some of both.

This has been a strange week, a combination of intensity (the SCBWI online conference) and chill. No major leaps, no big accomplishments. Just a mild combination of holding steady and taking small steps toward our upcoming move.

Feel-Good Fridays challenge me to redefine “good.” Sometimes what feels good is just knowing that things are moving in the right direction… even if it’ll be awhile before we get There.

What feels good—enough, for now.

  • The tennis elbow pain in my right arm is better. It’s not WELL, but it is better. I haven’t knit since May 1, and I miss it. I’m afraid to pick it back up yet because I don’t want to undo the healing I’ve had so far. But I feel good(ish) about it being better.
  • The kids are registered for their new schools, and the schools have reached out to us to get their schedules set.
  • I also heard back from a trumpet teacher, so my younger kid can hopefully re-start lessons (even as he begins school band virtually).
  • I got a lot of weaving done while watching SCBWI presentations. Virtual learning is great for handcraft production.
  • We’ve had rain every day so I haven’t had to hand-water my backporch garden.
  • I’m taking my violin for new strings and bow re-hairing… so I should sound a lot better now. 😉

And cake.

I’m learning that part of practicing Feel-Good Fridays is training myself not to think “Yes, BUT…” after each of the good-feeling items. There will always be plenty that feels not-so-good. So I’m going to sit with that short list for today and just be grateful that there is forward movement—and that is a feel-good thing, for sure.

One last feel-good thing for this week was that we made (I should say my son made—which makes it even better!) this favorite cake recipe. It’s not a proper British sticky toffee pud, but it’s a great cake. If you try it, two quick suggestions: 1) much shorter baking time, and 2) a slug of brandy in the sauce. Enjoy.

Martha’s Sticky Toffee Pudding cake

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