Moving Monday: Living in the Almost-but-Not-Yet

Somehow we went from “moving is a long way off” to “moving is NEXT WEEK.” The truck comes in 11 days. Typically, because the moving company packs all our stuff, our house and life remain fairly “normal” until the very last few days. This time, since we’re packing ourselves and we started way early, this is what life looks like with 11 days to go.

Warning: non-staged photos ahead. NSSM (Not Suitable for Social Media).

Being ready to go.

This is my lovely office, where I’m surrounded by all kinds of inspiration. I can workout and do yoga. My bookshelves are full of poetry and knitting. And I have a trash basket, not a plastic bag. Usually.

And this is our lovely living room, where we spend quality family time together. The walls and mantle display our favorite memories. The shelves are full of books and games. The sofa has all its slipcovers on. Usually.

Even when I’m not sad about leaving someplace, the actual going is emotional. This time, I feel ready—helped by the current reality as seen in the photos above—but emotionally it has still been catching up with me, and catching me off-guard.

Getting ready to go.

It’s one thing, being ready to go. Then there’s the reality of getting ready to go, which seems to last up to the time we pull out and wave goodbye. We’ve had a lot of “getting ready” lately, and still more to do; our list is a long string of things started and awaiting completion. All a funny combination of “already” and also “not yet.” That list includes:

  • emailing the boys’ new schools to register and set their schedules
  • realizing we’ll have to transfer to a new orthodontist for the final few visits until braces-removal; scheduling final—and first—visits
  • calling (way too many times) to arrange a local auction house/consignment store to come see if they’ll take some of our furniture
  • finding a charity organization to take the rest
  • dropping my violin off for doctoring/maintenance
  • booking hotel rooms for a few days here and a few days there
  • planning for birthdays taking place immediately before and after moving
  • inventory-ing the freezer and the pantry to figure out what we need to eat to use up as much as possible
  • designating a set-apart place for the items that we need to take with us in the car
This is just the beginning: things to do in the down time in hotels (knitting, weaving, reading), and things that can’t go on the moving truck (spray adhesive). Will add household goods (t.p., paper towels, cleaners), electronics, some food (especially teas and coffees), small family games (cards, Quixx, Farkle, Exploding Kittens), and my violin–when it gets home from the “spa.”

All that to say, I suppose, that while we are Ready To Go… we’re not quite ready to go.

But we’re getting there.

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