Feel-Good Friday: Loose Ends Tied Up, and Living Unsettled

This is the last time I’ll write Feel-Good Friday from this house. A week from today, the movers will come to load the truck… which means for the next week we’re living in rooms lined with boxes and random missing furniture. We’ve taken down all our curtains and rehung the (cough*ugly*cough) ones that were here when we moved in. The house looks almost like it did the day we got here. If you didn’t know, you’d wonder whether we were coming or going.

That’s about how it feels, too—this strange time between leaving and arriving. But the more we live in this unsettled space, the more ready we are to move on.

Settling things.

All week I’ve been wondering where the “good” was in this in-between time, knowing I’d be writing this post today. Throughout the week I noticed how many of our “to dos” were being checked off the list; many were tasks we’d begun but that depended on other people to complete.

I got my violin back from the “spa,” received a transfer plan and refund for the rest of my son’s orthodontic care, and the final yarn purchase I made (before my arm crapped out) arrived. The auction company picked up most of the furniture we needed to let go of. Both boys’ new schools contacted us and we got their schedules worked out via email.

The unsettled.

Apart from the goodness of settling things, I’m finding good in adjusting our perspective as we live unsettled. I’m realizing what is important to me, and what I can easily live without. I miss my wall hangings and yarn stash and the dining room table. But now I’m brainstorming how my new space in the new house could feel more like this—simple, sparse. Focused.

Every day I notice small things I’m reaching for that aren’t there. It seems like a stupid thing, but writing with a good ol’ No. 2 is so much easier on my arm than a pen. My kingdom for a pencil sharpener! My husband asked me to make him some uniform-coordinating masks, but he’d already packed all the sewing thread. It’s making me very aware of the things that are truly important to me… even (especially) things I have taken for granted.

On the flip side, I look around at the boxes lining my office, some of which were filled a few weeks ago, and I wonder: What is in there? How much of the contents was I keeping out of habit instead of need or even interest? When I have my “unboxing” on the other side, I’ll be asking myself that question. I’m not really a “simple, sparse” type person (or home decorator!). But I do crave focus, and maybe I can help myself do more focused work by creating a more focused space.

Wishing you “good.”

I know my immediate experience, being mid-move, is only a concrete example of being unsettled and in-between. A lot of people—maybe most people—are feeling the same way these days. And maybe a lot of people (most people?) are finding it hard to “feel good” on Fridays or any other day.

If you’re reading this, I’m wishing you “good” today. Small good, unexpected good, even silly good—I’m wishing you a pencil sharpener, a spool of thread. I’m wishing you what you need to make one thing feel less hard, what you need to do the next task on your list.

I’m wishing you peace, whether you’re coming or going or waiting in-between.

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