Feel-Good Friday: On the Way, At Last

Today’s the first in a week’s worth of Hotel Posts. Yesterday (on my birthday, HBD to me?) we finished packing all the boxes at our house, and spent our first of eight hotel nights. Today the moving truck comes, and a week from today we’ll be hard at work getting settled as quickly as possible in our new house.

Thank you, VB.

On our final Friday in our current hometown, I’m thinking about the ways Virginia Beach has been good to us in the past 2.5 years. It has been a weird time, for a lot of reasons. We’ve felt less connected here than most places we’ve lived. Our family routine has been in constant flux because of many short underway trips and a long deployment. (Not to mention health issues, a deployment cut short, and finally Covid-19.)

But there have been good things.

  • The ways my kids have grown in these past few years. They’re both becoming themselves, finding their people and exploring their gifts. That’s about as good as it gets.
  • I learned to weave, never thinking it would become such a big part of my life and that I’d open an Etsy shop.
  • Starting the shop led me to create AltarBoxes, a project that brings together many of my interests and enthusiasms.
  • Finally doing spiritual direction and beginning to learn restorative yoga.
  • Fresh peaches (and the melons, the corn, the bread, the ice cream, and the best blackberries I’ve ever had) at Cullipher Farm.
  • My favorite splurgey gifts to receive, handmade bags from North End Bag Co.

Good to go.

Sometimes I think it’d be best if we never had to move; I know my younger son feels that way right now, and I don’t blame him. It certainly doesn’t always (or ever) feel good. But there are some things about going that are good, after all.

It’s good to start fresh.

It’s good to apply what we’ve learned—like what kind of church we want to be part of.

It’s good to experience more of the world, different ways of living (and of living together).

It’s good to check ourselves, to challenge our habits and assumptions about what is “normal” and even what is good for us.

It’s good to appreciate what we have, here. Knowing we’re going keeps us from taking anything for granted.

Feeling good… for today.

Today—writing from a hotel kitchenette, as the movers fill a truck with all our stuff—today the things that feel really good are simple:

A French press coffeepot and an electric water kettle. Also, Yeti cups.

Hotel WiFi.

Exploding Kittens. (And Poetry for Neanderthals—tonight!!)

My daily journaling practice.

The pan of brownies we made before we packed the kitchen.

The “do not disturb” sign on the door so I can stay in my pjs awhile longer.

But the thing that feels the very best today is just—finally, finally—being on the way. It’s time.

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