Moving Monday (on a Tuesday): Hitting the Ground

We “landed” in our new hometown yesterday afternoon.

It feels like we’ve been in the process of moving for about six months. But it was only about 10 weeks ago that we found out we’d have to move in August instead of October. About six weeks ago, we got permission to move early and came househunting. About four weeks ago we started packing all our stuff into boxes.

Five days ago we moved into a hotel, and yesterday we spent four hours driving northward.

And here we are. Simple as that.

We have three more hotel nights before we’ll be ready to truly move in to our new house, but the days between now and then are already full of plans: picking up tech for the kids’ schools, attending their online orientations and parent webinars, shopping for some furniture pieces and housekeeping needs.

So far…

… I’m tired. So tired that I’m struggling to imagine what it will take to get back on an even keel, much less to feel energetic for anything.

… we’re all a little tired of each other, too. Covid life at home is old hat by now, but hotel life takes “togetherness” to a new level. We’re ready to get back to the “home” version, where we each have some personal space.

We have come so far.

So good.

We had dinner with my aunt last night, and I’m thrilled to live near a family member, and near the best Tex-Mex restaurant we’ve had since we left Texas.

We’re staying in a hotel on base, and already beginning to appreciate how close our new house is to my husband’s work (and to the good Tex-Mex). We opted for smaller space hoping the location would be worth it—and even after 15 hours here, it feels like a good choice.

I’m reminding myself that the overwhelm I’m feeling from the to-do list, the webinars, the technology is all related to what I’m thankful for and looking forward to: a house we will love (fingers crossed) and schools that are on the ball.

It’ll all be so good. Soon.

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