Moving Monday: What a Difference a Week Makes

I’m writing this post from our new dining room (which is a vast overstatement of what this room actually is) because my office is still in upheaval and I don’t have a desk chair yet.

I had to look at the calendar to see that last week’s post was only a week ago. It feels like we’ve covered a lot more than seven days since then. But here we are: we’re in our new town, in our new home. We’ve spent this week finding our way around, Tetris-ing furniture into the house, and running (more) loads of stuff to donation centers. Ikea was sold out of everything that was on our list, cutting our shopping plan. The good news: we found unexpected ways to “make do” with some pieces we didn’t expect to use. (Yay!)

Now we’re discovering the quirks about this house, like the handheld-only showerhead with rocket-force water pressure, and the gecko cabinet handle in the kitchen.

Transformation mode.

Otherwise known as unpacking.

Step 1: Stare at the stacks of boxes and feel utterly overwhelmed.

Step 2: Just start opening.

I prefer to get as many boxes out of the way as quickly as possible, so our kitchen went from a room full of boxes to a room full of… this:

From there it was a puzzle to find the cabinets where things belong. I like to store items near where they’re used—hotpads, saucepans, and baking sheets by the oven, and so on—but that’s not always possible. It’s a slow process, one thing at a time, and occasionally switching around entire cabinets full, until eventually:

We took care of the kids’ rooms first because they started virtual school today, so this week I’m working on my office. It’s a small “added-on” room, and I’ll use it for writing, weaving, and praying. I’m trying to squeeze in dedicated space for all these activities… without feeling squeezed! Here’s a glimpse, after opening some boxes and enlisting my husband to help me move a big (pain in the neck) piece of furniture:

The story of our life in this small house is going to be deciding what we—what I!—really want to use while we are here. I’ll finish up my office tomorrow (fingers crossed) by filling some boxes for storage, and choosing to focus on the work I plan to do here. I feel like that’s a good practice, ever, and I’m not sorry this house is making me undertake it.

Hopefully I’ll feel as good about the office transformation as I do about the kitchen! Stay tuned…

One thought on “Moving Monday: What a Difference a Week Makes

  1. Baby steps!! I don’t envy you one bit, but like the kitchen, it’s all going to look amazing!! I’m watching Eric’s mom go through the same thing…going from a 3-bedroom farmhouse with full basement, second kitchen, garage and barn to a little one-bedroom apartment smaller than Grandma’s!! I can’t EVEN imagine making those decisions on what to keep, store and pitch. But I do know I come home and think, “I need to get rid of a bunch of crap!” LOL. Onward and upward!!


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