Can I Do Just One Thing?!

A couple weeks ago I sent a direct message to an Istagrammer I follow. She’s a knitting designer and offers classes in designing and growing your design business, and though I am not (and feel no call to be) one, many of her posts resonate with me. She talks about focus, and passion, and practicality; she talks about what it looks like to discern what you want to do, and doing it wisely and well. (Her name is Tian Connaughton, and her blog is if it sounds like a word you need to hear, too.)

Anyway, I rarely reach out to the people I follow, but several of her posts inspired me just to say Thanks. I told her I’m not a designer but that I wanted her to know her posts were reaching beyond the knitting world. She kindly replied, and asked what I do.


I tried to narrow down, but I mentioned the weaving, the Etsy shop, the devotional writing, the new kidlit writing…

…and she said, To start with, I’d suggest focusing on One Thing.

Yikes, again.

And it’s a Yikes because I know she’s right. I feel it. I feel myself scattered and doing nothing particularly well. I feel low energy. I feel unsure where to put my time and how to invest my money. I don’t know how to envision what I will be doing a year from now (much less five years, or ten…)

Can (Facebook) read my mind?

Or, to be more accurate, can past-me read present-me’s mind?

Two years ago I shared a meme on Facebook noting how hard it is to find balance—to focus on One Thing, but to love learning and trying new things.

In the past two years since I shared that post, I’ve learned to weave, started making AltarBoxes, and taken up the violin. So whatever many things I was scattered among in 2018… I’ve added on at least three new ones.

So if this isn’t a Martha-ish Monday…

… I don’t know what is.

I wouldn’t have said I feel “worried and distracted,” as Jesus warns Martha in Luke 10:41. But I definitely feel scattered and puzzled. And for me, scattered and puzzled shift into worried and distracted when I realize I have to make some decisions—and I want to make the right ones.

There’s huge responsibility in choosing to focus. On one hand, I know it’s all an experiment and nothing is necessarily permanent. But on the other—I also know the roads we choose to follow may take us so far from here that we may not “ever come back.” (To quote the great poet.) Way always does seem to lead on to way.

This week with Martha.

I’m still focusing on the same three areas: Benedictish practice/prayer. Writing/work. Fitness/wellness. With prayer and fitness I’m continuing as I started last week, and as I mean to go on: trying to pray all the Daily Offices, and completing my None to Run runs.

The Writing/Work piece is where my “one thing” problem really hits. I’m not ready to make any firm decisions right now, but I’ll be reflecting on this, and trying to pay close attention to what arises. It’s now mid-September, and I’d like to pick a path in time for the new year.

But this week I’m focusing on finishing the first draft of my kids’ mystery book. That’s one good thing for right now. I know how important completion is going to be. And I know (I think?) that this is a first, tentative, step down a path.

Step well on your own way, friends. And stay well, too. 🙏🏻

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