Wrapping Up September

Are there people who just move smoothly from one month into the next without doing a big end-of-month evaluation, pushing to finish one set of projects, and setting plans in place for the next bunch?

Obviously if those people exist, I’m not one of them.

September has been… something else. We moved into our new house 31 days ago, and it looks like we’ve been here forever. We started school and work, trumpet lessons, orthodontic treatment, and driver’s ed. We registered to vote, had a 16th birthday celebration, and got our first-ever furry pets.

Oreo and Hershey.

I also attended a(nother) writers’ conference, (re)started my running program, returned to weaving, and planned for Advent devotionals.

And that’s not to mention the dramas of political, public, and pandemic life, which are sure to get more dramatic over the months ahead. Goody.

Wrapping it up.

In these last days of September, I want to tie things up, and muster energy for the work of October.

  • Item 1: I still (!) have not finished my middle-grade novel draft. **This is the week!**
  • Item 2: I need to follow up on our voter registration and my business licensing, and I need to make appointments for drivers’ licenses (and a learner’s permit! yikes!).
  • Item 3: I need to assemble the stoles I wove during the conference last week, then get them listed and the shop reopened.

Planning ahead.

After this busy moving-in month I could use a time out to refresh, but someone (*cough*self*cough*) didn’t plan it that way. October is set to be even busier.

  • I signed up for a month-long picture-book-writing class.
  • I will reopen the Etsy shop with Ordinary Time stoles on October 1, and keep weaving purples for Advent and whites for Christmastide.
  • I will write a set of seven reflections and prayers: four weeks of Advent, the Longest Night, Christmas, and Epiphany
  • I agreed to write another series of devotions for d365 that are due at the end of the month. (Expect to hear more about this project. I’ll be writing on the themes of gratitude and generosity, to be published during Thanksgiving week. To be clear: I’ll be writing before the election about experiencing gratitude after the election. Good times, good times.)

Making the smooth move.

Ending one month and starting the next doesn’t have to feel like a jolt, though. The reality is, all the work of September will lead smoothly into the work of October; and really, that’s always the goal. Time, after all, is a construct, and the number of days in a month and months in the year are all just make-believe. (If you want to get philosophical about it.)

What’s not made up are seasons—of the year, and of life.

Autumn is the perfect time to remind ourselves that things are always shifting, season-ing out of one thing and into another. Sometimes it’s shocking—like when we realize it’s suddenly the last days of a month. But it can be reassuring to recognize that change doesn’t only come at some future point, with the turn of a calendar page.

Change just is. It surrounds us. If we pay close attention, we can feel it in the air, see it in the shifting colors on the horizon and in the lights in the sky.

What’s more: change is us.

We feel it in the stirring of our hearts, see it in the growing of our children or the grays in our hair.

I desperately hope change is already at work in our life together, too. God knows we need a new season in our nation, and in our world. We need to feel it in our regard for one another. We need to see it in each other’s faces.

May the day come soon.

May the day be now.

Stay well. 🙏🏻

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