Pandemic Selfies and Spring Planning

I snapped this pic last week as a semi-joke so I could show off my newly-received 5K run swag to my siblings… then I realized, as I looked at it, that it’s a pretty good (and I’m using that word loosely) Pandemic Selfie. It has all the elements: new Sesame Street Fun Run hat, representing the form of exercise I started (and restarted and restarted) during Covid time. My Happy Givers “End the Hate” shirt, one of many “statement” tees I’ve collected this year. Pandemic hair, obvs. And my newest acquisition, overalls, because seriously who even cares anymore? Living waistband-free is my new favorite thing. Also: so many pockets!! I loved wearing overalls in 1987, why did I ever stop? (Don’t answer that.)


Anyway, that’s pretty much what March looked like around here. No filter. I have been mostly consumed with finishing my curriculum-writing job, and finishing this cardigan so hopefully I can wear it a handful of times before spring settles in.

Beyond the two big projects of curriculum and cardigan, my March consisted mostly of keeping up smallish practices. I did around 10 minutes of meditation every morning and continued my running (up until last week when I was pushing the curriculum deadline and my energy crashed hard). This week is Spring Break here; I’m using it to wrap up a couple of small projects, renew my daily practices, and plan for April.


On that note…

I made a quick list of the things I want to focus on in April, and it only took about 30 seconds for the list to hit 10+ items and I made myself stop. Focus, right? Clarity, right? Right.

In April my main goal is to continue the good practices I have started, and simply add on to them where I can. A few minutes more meditation in the mornings. Increase my daily journaling a bit. Add some other workouts to support my running (my lungs are getting stronger… my legs, not so much).

But many of the items on my quickie April To-Do List fell under one umbrella: Spring Cleaning. Oddly enough these things also relate back to my 100 Dreams List… I want to shape up my wardrobe, but that means cleaning out my closet. I want to work on creative business (for now getting my Etsy running again), but that means cleaning out my craft supplies. I want to establish a writing practice, but that means cleaning out my bookshelves, my notebook stash, and my desk space.

So during the month of April, I’m going to write-along my spring cleaning here on the blog. If you have any requests, let me know! For my grandmother, I know, spring cleaning meant doing the windows. Not that my windows don’t need it, but for me it’s more about evaluating the accumulation of stuff from the previous season(s) and making sure, once again, that the things that I keep around are the things I love, use, or (ideally) both.

Blooms, and Easter blessings.

The cherry blossoms are in full bloom on the National Mall; outside my window in the ‘burbs there are redbuds, pink magnolias, and some stunning camellias we didn’t even know we had when we moved in last summer. I’m wishing you surprising flowers, deep breaths, and a blessed Holy Week and joyful Easter as new life springs up all around us.

Stay well, friends. 🙏🏻

2 thoughts on “Pandemic Selfies and Spring Planning

  1. I tried running…once. I mean one season. I wanted to do it sooo bad. I tried that Couch to 5K.

    I also need to organize and clean out all my gathered things to make and sell. You’d have a coronary if you saw my craft room. It used to be such a CUTE scrapbook room. I’ll just leave it at that…

    Cheers to a fresh start!


    1. I tried and failed at Couch to 5K twice—the program I’ve been using this year is similar in design but “levels up” at a much more manageable pace. The difference in how I feel is wild; I never felt good when I was doing Cto5K and I quit it not so much because it was hard but because it made me feel wrecked the rest of the time. This is still challenging and I can’t say I feel great while doing it but it feels good TO HAVE DONE it, if that makes sense! And most importantly it doesn’t wipe me out for the rest of life.


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