Advent! and Making Things New

I have (obviously) not been blogging, but I have been thinking about blogging a lot over the past few months. I’m always evaluating and reevaluating and wondering if/how I could do things differently (read: better). And always trying to remember, too, that I can do things if/how I want to.

A few weeks ago I attended an online writers workshop, and one of the presenters talked about blogging. He’d been a biologist in a previous career, and told about his original blog that was all about ants. Yep, ants.

I’ve fretted a lot over my years of occasional blogging, about whether to try to focus or just write about whatever topics I want. The ant guy inspired me with his experience of writing about what you are really into, and finding the readers who are also into that. My problem/blessing is that I’m interested in a lot of things… but that wide net has not helped me find focus as a blogger and I’ve ended up not writing much at all about much of anything.

What I’m really into.

You might have already noticed a few changes around A Moving Yarn—a new cleaned-up header, and revised “about” pages—as I’ve tried to clarify for myself what I’m really into.

I’m really into: Making Things.

So that’s where I’m going from here. I’ve found my “ants” and I’m feeling the itch to focus my blogging.

From now on, A Moving Yarn: The Blog will be a reflection on the intersection of art/craft/making things and the life of faith, a theme that is always humming behind everything that I do. Sometimes you might see my making plans, lessons learned from the projects I’m making (or, lately, unmaking), museum visits that inspire my thoughts about making, new maker skills I’m trying, favorite resources for makers, and so on. Sometimes it’ll be more making, sometimes maybe more faith. I may share project ideas and maybe even a pattern or two if I get brave.

This won’t be entirely yarn-specific. I’ve always loved making all kinds of things, and I admire all kinds of makers. Even if you don’t think of yourself as “crafty,” I hope you’ll find some encouragement and inspiration here. We are all, always, making things new. I hope together we can reflect on all the ways we make our lives.

COMING SUNDAY: Advent! and making new things.

For the past couple years I’ve written devotions for Advent that included some “hands on” elements along with a simple reflection and prayer. With the new focus for A Moving Yarn, this year I’ll be sharing a new series for the upcoming weeks:


Starting Sunday, November 28, I’ll share weekly Advent devotionals that include a “making” element—not a craft project, exactly, but a very simple interactive practice that is creativity/making themed. There will be a short reflection and prayer, and each week’s practice will lead into the following week’s. I hope you’ll come back and read/pray/practice along, and please do share the site with anyone you think might be interested.

Stay well, friends. 🙏🏻

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