A Maker’s Advent: Intro and Info

Just a quick post in the lead-up to Advent tomorrow.

In past years I’ve made Advent AltarBoxes (with pre-collected items) or provided a list of items to gather before the first week. This year will be a little different.

What you need to bring.


Instead of suggesting items ahead of time, each week’s practice will incorporate adding items to your space. This season will NOT necessitate going to the craft store. (If you want to, hey, no judgment here—just don’t do it for THIS series of practices!).

But if you’d like…

You could have a candle or two (or four). The devos won’t include a traditional Advent-y candlelighting ritual, but lighting a candle (even flicking on an electric one) can be a way to easily, inexpensively designate sacred space and time.

Speaking of which…

Quick word about sacred space and time.

Most of us can agree that finding (or, dare I say, making) quiet stretches of space and time during the Christmas season is… not easy. You don’t need much of either for this series. None of these activities require a big workspace to spread out all your supplies. None of these practices need more than a few minutes (unless you want to stay longer—then of course please do!).

It would help if you could designate a small area—say, the size of a placemat—where you can set your (optional) candle and the items you’ll gather. Ideally you’ll add to it throughout the month and keep all the weeks’ pieces where you can see them and reflect on them. You could also gather them into a basket or bowl, on a tray, or tuck them under a tabletop Christmas tree. Making is very often about “making do,” and very often “making do” is where the best inspiration is born. (There’s a broad hint about the content to come this month!)

Bottom line: finding sacred space and time is meant to nourish you, not deplete you. Don’t let it become its own big deal or a burden. Small, simple, doable.

The plan.

  • Advent Week 1—Sunday, November 28
  • Advent Week 2—Sunday, December 5
  • Advent Week 3—Sunday, December 12
  • Advent Week 4—Sunday, December 19
  • Longest Night—December 21
  • Christmas—December 25

Each post will include links to all scripture texts, a quick hands-on practice, short reflection, and prayer.

That’s all, folks.

See you back here tomorrow. Stay well, friends. 🙏🏻

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