I’m a 40-something military spouse, mom of two boys, and an ordained Baptist minister. When I finished seminary in 2001, I sensed God leading me to a vocation of preaching and creative worship… so it was something of a shock to discover that our moving-around military life would make tradition

In our 7 hometowns since then, I’ve found unexpected ways to serve: writing Sunday School curricula and online devotionals, leading women’s spiritual growth groups, pulpit-supplying, and donating a whole bunch of handmades to church fundraisers. I’ve especially loved volunteering for organizations that help folks to be at home, like an ESL program and Habitat for Humanity.

These are a few of my favorite things: The Love Boat, Elvis movies, Tex-Mex, traditional hymns, vintage vinyl, PG Wodehouse, Ravenclaw House, Mister Rogers, child’s pose, snail mail, morning coffee, afternoon tea, Mini Coopers, minor league baseball.

Mostly, I love learning something–anything–new! Scrapbooking, stamping, quilting, pottery, garment sewing, gardening. I learned to knit in 2011 on our move from CA to TX, just to have something to do on the four-day drive… and it stuck. By 2018 I needed a faster way to use up my yarn stash, so I took a weaving class. I’m still discovering new ways to move yarn!