A Moving Yarn is a story of making + faith-ing.
It’s ora et labora: prayer and work, with craft supplies.

The blog is a collection of reflections, devotionals, poems, prayers,
and random thoughts about the life of making & of faith.

The Etsy shop is the home for some of what I’m making:
handwoven clergy stoles and other provisions for the seasons of faith.

I’m Nikki, the maker, mom, military spouse, + minister behind A Moving Yarn.

From the time I was a kid, I’ve moved house a lot. Moving is not only a metaphor but a real-life experience and expression of my faith.

I’m always on the way.

And along the way, I make things. Mostly with yarn, sometimes with fabric, or paper, or paint, or keyboard taps.

I believe faith (like making) is a verb, something we do. I’m still learning how.

Thanks for being here to make|faith together.