Epiphany: Welcoming Wonder

Thank you for observing the Advent/Christmas season with A Moving Yarn! As we enter a new calendar year, we also celebrate the beginning of a new season: not just a day, but a season of wonder, the liturgical season of Epiphany. It begins on the 12th day of Christmas, January 6, when we remember the … Continue reading Epiphany: Welcoming Wonder

Transfiguration. Look closely.

Epiphany 5 texts at http://www.textweek.com Exodus 34:29-35          Psalm 99          2 Cor. 3:12-4:2          Luke 9:28-36 (37-43a) All of us are looking... at the glory of the Lord as if we were looking in a mirror. We are being transformed into that same image from … Continue reading Transfiguration. Look closely.

Epiphany 4: So Much for the Good News.

Epiphany 4 texts at http://www.textweek.com Jer. 1:4-10          Psalm 71:1-6          1 Cor. 13:1-13          Luke 4:21-30 I assure you that no prophet is welcome in the prophet's hometown. (Luke 4:24, CEB) Jesus spoke aloud the prophecies of Isaiah to the gathered congregation, and at his … Continue reading Epiphany 4: So Much for the Good News.

Epiphany 1: “Your Light Has Come”

The lectionary of scripture readings for the church year runs in a three-year cycle, which means that in 2019 we'll be following the same texts that I wrote devotionals about three years ago, the last time Year C rolled around, for the Baptist Women in Ministry blog. As an experiment--and a way of bringing those devos … Continue reading Epiphany 1: “Your Light Has Come”