Prayer, Work, Knits (and "Deep Thoughts"): Nearly Winter

November has been a "wrapping things up" and "kicking things off" month. A writing assignment I'd been offered over the summer came due in November, and the old "pressure-prompted" way of functioning that got me semi-successfully through high school, college, and seminary was a serious temptation. But now that I'm older and mature(er), I didn't … Continue reading Prayer, Work, Knits (and "Deep Thoughts"): Nearly Winter

Knits: Late summer.

I have to confess: I am tired of living places where autumn doesn't begin until October (or November... or sometimes December). In San Antonio, leaf-raking was a Christmastime activity----that is just wrong. Still, "home is where the Navy sends us" (at least, that's what all the cutesy hand-painted signs say) so we do what we … Continue reading Knits: Late summer.