Advent, Week 2: The Luxury of Peace

I realize I've totally bailed on my regular writings, but my energy and emotions have been wrapped up in preparing this meditation for today's weekday Advent worship service at our local church. It was incredibly challenging to work on this in a season when I feel admittedly Grinchy about "hope, peace, joy, and love"--it's hard … Continue reading Advent, Week 2: The Luxury of Peace

Advent, Day 14: Going out to the wilderness

Today's reading: Mark 1:1-8And people from the whole Judean countryside and all the people of Jerusalem were going out to him, and were baptized in the river Jordan, confessing their sins.   (v. 5)the preparer is calling fora teamof workers to make the wayready for the Lord's arrival;from the desert he's calling outand expecting us … Continue reading Advent, Day 14: Going out to the wilderness

Advent, Day 6: The Man in Red, and the Son of Man

Today's reading: Mark 13:24-37I have to make a confession: when I first clicked on the scripture link from, and saw that today's reading was one of Those Apocalyptic Texts, I literally groaned out loud.Not that I don't LIKE apocalyptic texts... I do, as much as the next person! (Ha!) But they are hard, especially … Continue reading Advent, Day 6: The Man in Red, and the Son of Man

Lent, Day 45: Day of Preparation.

Today's reading: Mark 15:42-47Forty-four days ago, on the first day of the Lenten season, we began this journey with John the Baptist and found ourselves, with him, "preparing the way" of the Lord. On that day I wrote about our call to preparation for the Lenten journey; a call not to concern ourselves with outcomes … Continue reading Lent, Day 45: Day of Preparation.

Lent, Day 44: What is good.

Today's reading: Mark 15:1-41it's good to know who you areespecially when you carrythe rights and responsibilitiesof a Kingit's good to know the truthabout motivesand motivations:not all accusers are victimsnot all mobs are righteousit's good to know that help is nearwhen the cross is simplytoo much to bearit's good to know what your faith is in("just … Continue reading Lent, Day 44: What is good.

Lent, Day 43: Body.

Today's reading: Mark 14"Take it; this is my body." (v. 22)the smellof perfume permeates the house(causing some to mutter"how dare she!" and maybe even"how dare he!")--the scent of sorrowlingers after the oilhas driedthe tasteof bread--unleavened,to remind them of God's faithfulness(even now);the taste of wine--the cup of life,poured out and poured outand poured out, andabundanteven nowthe … Continue reading Lent, Day 43: Body.

Lent, Day 42: Come near. (A prayer.)

Today's reading: Mark 12:28-13:37Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away. (v. 31)Your kingdom is near, O God,so near we canfeel its breath(just as generationsbefore have felt it).Scattered to the winds,we await your call,anxious to be gathered closeand escorted deeper intothe eternityyou have already begun.We, whose every love andevery richnesscomes … Continue reading Lent, Day 42: Come near. (A prayer.)

Lent, Day 40: Teaching.

Today's reading: Mark 11:12-26And he taught them... and the whole crowd was amazed at his teaching. (vv. 17a, 18b)little did we knowwhen he camehungry to the fruitless fig treehe'd be teaching usa lesson aboutthe power of his wordslittle did we knowwhen he camefurious to the once-holy templeupending the thieves' tableshe'd be teaching usa lesson aboutthe … Continue reading Lent, Day 40: Teaching.