A Reader’s Grace

          for these Thy gifts, O Lord,          make us truly grateful:for sentences that cause us to stopand pause for breathto read again, slowly this time,just for the joy of the wordsfor paragraphs highlighted and pencil-marked,underlined and asteriskedwhere ideas demand our attentionfor pages bookmarked or dog-earedawaiting our return  … Continue reading A Reader’s Grace

A Prayer of Thanksgiving at the New Year

God of endings and beginnings,we know that today, like all days,marks yet another rotation of your earth--and that, like all days, it will contain light and dark,waking and sleeping, work and play.At the same time, though, we feel this day, this turn of the calendar page,to be a new start, a fresh breath, a time … Continue reading A Prayer of Thanksgiving at the New Year

Lent, Day 17: A prayer.

Today's reading: Mark 4:21-34Godgrant me the graceto lift up your lightand extend the warmthof your loveeven in those placeswhere the glow may exposethis world's dangersthese nagging worriesmy shameGodgrant me the hopeto faithfully scatter seed,and grant me the trustto leave growthin your handsGodgrant us all the shelterof your kingdomwhere we will be safewhere we will be … Continue reading Lent, Day 17: A prayer.